Societies that collaborate with us for the realization  the real estate plan and for giving to our customers the maximum service of advising



 Society that operates in the planning and the advising for the real estate industry in a position to advising the customer and assisting it in every technical requirement during the purchase and in the restructure of the real estate unit or verifying the possibilities of use or transformation of the unit eventually mails in revision sale for one better appraisal   tel.+39 02- 7388799


        Society CDV engineering & consulting srl is born in May 2002, from the union of various operating professional experiences in the real estate industry, in order to supply services and answers adapted to the markets in continuous and fast transformation.

The organization with the decennial experience of the persons who form the structure allows to satisfy whichever requirement of the customers, from the private investor to the group they trades and industrial.

The Society operates for the realization and the management of the “real estate plan”.

“Plan” that shape from the study of feasibility from the point of view takes financial, architectonic and trade them.

The accurate analysis of the single situations in to the various contexts, allows to identify the more suitable strategies of participation, through the transformation, the sale, the maintenance and the requalification of the existing real estate.