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ONE Real Estate is a group that specializes in real estate sales and rentals in high-profile .

Professionalism, seriousness and careful selection of top quality properties make transactions faster and streamlined, with maximum privacy, becoming for the customers the perfect encounter between the demand and the offer.

ONE Real Estate offers the better service and the widest exposure for whomever wishes to acquire, sell or rent a place of real estate.

 Our real estate mediators have a deep acquaintance of the real estate market and offer a service of consulting services for the sales and the rentals.

The customers can count on personal attention from experienced agents in important locations.

We are not just a common real estate agency, but a brand that joins more agencies for a better acquaintance of the territory and giving to our customers ax excellent consulting services tailored.

ONE Real Estate operates in synergy with the other societies of the group for the realization and the management of the “real estate plan”.

The lack of receptivity of the markets can be improved if it is supported by a constantly monitored and rapid adaptation to the needs of customers, because today. the experience combined with a good job plan can make the difference in order to catch up the better possible performance.

Therefore, coordination with external well-known structures, the use of cutting-edge technologies and system analysis allows to face all kinds of problems, guaranteeing a full success.

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